Health Coaching

I’ve spent most of my life struggling with low self esteem, yo-yo dieting and binge eating disorder. Finding my way to fat positivity and self love were crucial to my recovery. Exercise I enjoy and healthy plant based eating habits were how I told my reptile brain: you are worthy. This process took a lot of hard work. It would be my supreme pleasure to be your ally, mentor, cheerleader and coach on your self love journey. Take big fat chance on your holistic wellness.

Fat Chance Coaching wants to help you reclaim your body from the negative self talk demons, sizeist media and diet industry and a broader culture of hate. I support folks who want a more balanced relationship with food through creating a plan that’s tailored to your life. We pay attention to movement, sleep, self care, relationships, work and identity because everything is interconnected in building a rad life.

I want to chat with you (free of charge). A 30 minute consult is how we get started. Let’s queer your relationship with food through one-on-one coaching in Portland and skype sessions for remote clients around the globe.

The nitty gritty:
60-minute sessions bi-weekly
Unlimited e-mail access with responses within 24-hours

Personal Training

Functional fitness and weightlifting specialties. Powerlifting is my jam. I can help you get your goals, have fun, feel empowered and super strong. Hit me up for a free gym tour and free 30 minute consult.

My offerings:
One-on-one coaching
Semi private sessions (2-3 folks)
Group classes
Remote coaching

All offerings are in SE PDX unless remote or otherwise noted. Get Pumped & Stayed Pumped!